My name is Alessandra, and I am a Graphic Designer an Illustrator and a Visual Artist.

My mind travels through empty spaces, dots, lines, shapes, figures, spots, colours and scents.
I am a lover of nature, addicted to art, I chew every day everything visual in an almost insatiable way.
I often prefer to the words the silences, sounds, lines and sensations.
I like to experiment on various surfaces and techniques.
I've worked and enjoyed the jungle of the city, but I've followed the call of the countryside.
Selfish by choice, with a strong sense of apathy for those who do not value time, space and the value of life in all its forms.
I do what I like, how I like, when I want.
I am in continuous, silent search.
I believe in the universe.
I am inspired by the past and the present, and I leave the future to the unknown destiny.
About Me
I am Alessandra Gagliano, I drank the elixir of youth without checking the expiration date, I found it into a floating triangle land, fertile of 4 elements, blue waves, green vines and gold dust called "Sand"...
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Jocu Playing Cards
We are Jocu, Anthony and Alessandra. Since 2019 we have been producing playing cards inspired by nature, folklore and magic in the Alps of northern Italy.
You can follow us on instagram @jocuplayingcards or browsing our webstore at www.jocu.cards