// About me

I am Alessandra Gagliano, I drank the elixir of youth without checking the expiration date, I found it into a floating triangle land, fertile of 4 elements, blue waves, green vines and gold dust called “Sand”, with a big yellow circle red as a fire, named “Sun” that illuminates the researchers of the discovery. I was born just outside a country shaped like a boot, in an island called Sicily. I was full of dreams with just a few results so I decided to pack my bags already at 8 years old inspired by fairy tales, and I made the tour of my neighbourhood in my hometown Sicily. Rome to study and work as Digital and Virtual Design, then Milan, London, Palermo, Lugano with lots of different projects and jobs. What have I done? Many things, but never enough. Now? I live in the mountains, I work for my own projects and sometimes I even do tattoos, dot, dot, dot, space, dot.

Vasilij Kandinskij

Sin dal primo momento, la parola ‘composizione’ aveva per me il suono di una preghiera.

Italo Calvino

Alle volte uno si crede incompleto ed è soltanto giovane.

Paul Klee

In questo mondo io sono del tutto incomprensibile. Perché vivo in uguale misura con i morti e con quelli che non sono ancora nati

Luciano De Crescenzo

Al Niente preferisco l’Inferno, se non altro per la conversazione.